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My Remarkable Journey download

Larry King: My Remarkable Journey

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Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly In this humorous, anecdotal account, King at 75-plus marvels good-naturedly at his staying power for a half-century as a talk-show host for radio and TV. Born in Brooklyn in 1933 to Jewish immigrant parents, young Larry Zeiger was profoundly influenced at age nine by the untimely heart-attack death of his father and by the medium of radio. Rejected by the army for bad eyesight and uninterested in going to college, he got his break filling in for a deejay at a radio station in Miami, where he took the name King in a pinch. His early scrapes are hilarious, especially with women (he married eight times), and he had an uncanny ability to snag famous personalities like Jackie Gleason, Frank Sinatra and Richard Nixon to be interviewed on air. By simply being curious and unassuming, King could make anyone seem fascinating, from a plumber to the famously laconic Robert Mitchum. Despite being fired in 1971 for financial shenanigans, King swept back on the air in Washington, D.C., before being hired to host a show for Ted Turner's fledgling CNN in 1985, where he has been following current affairs for the past 25 years. King, writing with Fussman ( After Jackie ), has produced a cultural history as much as a personal testimony, touching on world-shaping events over the last 50 years and sharing, with inimitable humor and grace, some quirky POVs from King's family and friends. (May) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. From Booklist The greatest softball pitcher of all time lobs a few more, but this time the subject is himself. Although King has written other books, this is as close to a full-scale autobiography as he is likely to come. Although he writes about some of the traumatic events of his life (his father’s death; his heart troubles, both physically and emotionally), he is not much interested in self-examination. Fortunately, the comments at the end of each chapter from King’s family and friends (which he says he won’t read until the book is published) delve a little more deeply into analysis of the talk-show-host’s psyche. No matter what one thinks about King’s interviewing skills, between his radio days and his CNN show, there’s no doubt that he has talked to just about everyone and made friends with more than a few—among them, Al Pacino, who turned up at a restaurant to help King impress his soon-to-be (eighth) wife, and George W. Bush, who spent two hours in the White House talking baseball with his pal, Larry. There’s no explaining the Larry King phenomenon; even King agrees with that. This may be a soufflé, but it’s decorated with stars, and it goes down easily. --Ilene Cooper --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. See all Editorial Reviews

Celebrated as "the most remarkable talk-show host on TV ever"” by TV Guide and "“master of the mike" by Time magazine, for a half-century the world'’s most influential figures have been telling their stories to Larry King. Now the man in suspenders shares his own riveting and inspiring story, from his humble roots in Depression-era Brooklyn to the heights of celebrity as host of CNN's Larry King Live . Before Larry King befriended presidents and iconic entertainers, he was Larry Zeiger, known to his Brooklyn friends as "Zeke the Greek the Mouthpiece" because he never stopped talking. If his friends ever missed a Brooklyn Dodgers game they could always go to Larry hours later to hear the radio broadcast recounted pitch by pitch. After the painful loss of his father at age nine, Larry's family was forced to go on welfare, and his first pair of glasses was purchased by the government. But determined to fulfill his dream of working in radio, a young Larry moved to Miami where, through sheer persistence and against all odds, he landed his first job as a radio host, launching the unparalleled career of Larry King. In the fifty years since his first broadcast, Larry has spent time with the 20th and 21st century's major political and cultural luminaries, whom he writes about candidly in this book. To name just a few of his interview subjects: 2008 presidential candidates Barack Obama, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton; Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush and their wives; political and cultural leaders Martin Luther King, Jr., Bobby Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Malcom X, and the Dalai Lama; legendary entertainers Frank Sinatra, Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Carson, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul McCartney, Jane Fonda, Bono, and Madonna; celebrated comedians such as Robin Williams, Steve Martin, and Jerry Seinfeld; noted athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Lance Armstrong, and Pete Rose; controversial figures such Jack Kevorkian, Monica Lewinsky, and O.J. Simpson, and many more, all viewed through Larry'’s one-of-a-kind perspective. Larry also delves deeply into his extraordinary personal odyssey. He's lost jobs, had a three-pack-a-day smoking habit, been down to his last $2 when he won an $11,000 trifecta at the racetrack, had a heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery, stopped smoking, founded a heart foundation that has raised millions and assisted thousands, and now, at the age of 74, has recently gotten thrown out of a Little League game for arguing a call at second base in defense of his nine-year-old son. Filled with delightfully evocative personal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes observations on some of our most important world figures, My Remarkable Journey will be devoured by Larry King'’s millions of fans worldwide.


4,5 / 5


  • Publisher: Phoenix Audio; Unabridged edition (May 19, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • Audio CD

  • File size: 3,5MB

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